Thursday M.B. Post's 7 Dish Tasting Tour for One!


Our 7 Dish Tasting Tour brings you on a culinary journey – from the comfort of your home!

This meal is for pickup on Thursday. Serves 1 person.

Dish #1: Hand-made Organic Blue Corn Tortillas mole rojo with chocolate, morita chiles, peanut, almond, toasted sesame seeds

Dish #2: Shrimp Aguachile Verde tropical fruit, crispy jicama, fresno chiles, chive oil

Dish #3: Roasted Baby Yams epazote salsa, pomegranate seeds

Dish #4: Heirloom Baby Carrots pipian verde, toasted pepitas, crispy carrot tops

Dish #5: Frijoles Fritos refried pinto beans, bacon, cotija cheese

Dish #6: Cochinita Pibil marinated and charred pork shoulder grilled over white oak, achiote sauce

Dish #7: Coconut Tres Leches Cake toasted coconut and lime zest 

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